Our Apps

"Luceverde Roma" is a service provided by the Municipal Police of Rome and the Italian Automobile Club. The project is designed to provide free information about road and traffic conditions in Rome.

"RomaPass e'", for Roma Pass users exclusively, is activated by inserting a user name and password into the new kits; this is an easy and intuitive way to explore the city and to find what you are looking for, and to let the things you do not know about find you!

20 civic museums in one application, with exhibitions, events and educational visits. Live Musei in Musica with MiC Roma application, now free. The offer is limited in time: make haste and get the chance!

App that shows all the fountains within the walls of Rome. So you can locate yourself and search for the fountain closest to you.

With the application of the MACRO - Rome Museum of Contemporary Art, you can get general information about the Museum, and also find out about all the new exhibitions on the MACRO SUMMER 2011 calendar.

BiblioSmart - Roma Capitale's Institution Libraries By using BiblioSmart, your libraries are with you wherever you are (at home, on the street, in the office, ...), open 24 hours a day, proactive and involving.

Official Application of the Rome Airports, with flight status updates in real time for the Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports. Checks flight status directly on your iPhone/iPad and get other detailed information.

"Roma e'", is a convenient and easy way to explore the city, where you can find what you are looking for and discover new ideas.

Auditorium is the official application of the Rome Parco di Musica Auditorium.

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