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What is DigitRoma WiFi?

DigitRoma WiFi is a project of Roma Capitale that offers citizens, tourists and, in general, to the city users free connectivity in WiFi mode and an integrated platform of services and contents accessible in mobility in the areas of the city served by the network of public WiFi hot spots.

How do I register for the service?

There are available some alternatives to register yourself to the captive portal:

  1. A call to a free phone number (DN 0689374581) If a mobile device (notebook, smartphone or tablet) is in your availability, you can register yourself to the Digit Roma WiFi services, simply indicating your name, surname, email and mobile telephone number. Users, who are in possession of an Italian or foreigner SIM, can use the registration procedure to allow the use of the service. At the end of the registration phase, the user is shown the success of the operation directly on the authentication portal.
  2. Eidas/SPID If you acquired previously your personal credentials to an European Digital Identity Provider (IDP), you will be available to access the DigitRoma WiFi H24 service.
How should the personal password be chosen for the registration mode with the call to a free phone number and your SIM?

The personal password indicated must contain at least one lower-case letter, one upper-case letter and one number, and preferably between eight and fifteen characters in length.

Why is it necessary to provide the mobile number?

It is necessary to identify those who access the Internet and to improve the system and transaction security. The number of the SIM, therefore, serves to avoid the request for the identity document, already acquired when the SIM is purchased from the telephone company.

Why is an email box required between the fields to be filled in?

Just to cross check in your favor.

How do I get the credentials to use the service?

After indicating name, surname, SIM number, password and email box, the user must make a free call 0689374581 to validate the registration. Once the call is over, the system sends an e-mail with username and password to the e-mail box indicated in the registration procedure. It is, therefore, recommended not to delete the e-mail containing this data.

How to recover Username and Password?

The Username is the mobile phone number used for recording. Instead, the password can be recovered by clicking on "Reset password" on the welcome page and re-entering the SIM number, through which you registered yourself to the service. You will receive an SMS and an e-mail with the new password for access the captive portal.

If the user temporarily moves away from the WiFi microcell with her / his device, she / he must subsequently re-authenticate to access the DigitRoma WiFi service?

No. This means that the client in use, that is already previously connected to the essid "DigitRoma WiFi " with a specific userid, will automatically be credited to the WiFi network, unless the user selects in the settings of her /his device the disconnection option, or log out from the captive portal welcome page.

How can I log out after I have logged on?

In order to disconnect from the DigitRoma WiFi service, once authenticated, it is important not to close the portal welcome page. However, if this page is mistakenly closed, you can access again by clicking to the DigitRoma WiFi welcome page.

How to unsubscribe from the DigitRoma WiFi services?

It is possible to cancel the membership using the function in the menu or by calling the Contact Center at 060606.

Should login credentials for the DigitRoma WiFi be renewed, periodically?

You are advised to renew your password, regardless of your selected authentication mode . Only the credentials acquired by calling the free phone number are directly generated and managed by the Institution.

The login credentials for the DigitRoma WiFi may be re-used for next meetings and conferences, organized by Roma Capitale?

The registration by calling a free phone number should be repeated for each specific Digital Evento, in order to guarantee the best practice for the users’ privacy.
If a Conference is organized into several successive sessions, your credentials should be saved within the current calendar year, according to the disposition of the organization.

What is Free Italia WiFi and how do I use it?

"Free ItaliaWiFi" is a project for building up the first National federated network of free wireless internet access. With "Free Italia WiFi" you can browse for free not only in the public WiFi areas of your city, but also in the other WiFi networks of the Administrations, that have joined the National initiative.
In this way, a DigitRoma WiFi member can use on the National territory the free public network interconnected to Free ItaliaWiFi, specifying in the username the realm, an attribute that identifies its own domain. For the DigitRoma WiFi, digitroma.it specifies the source network (i.e.phonenumber@digitroma.it).
Similarly, guest users, with access credentials of other public wireless networks and included in the Free Italia WiFi project, can use the free navigation on the DigitRoma WiFi network in the Municipal areas, specifying the origin of the reference network (ex. phonenumber@provinciawifi).
The general purpose of "Free ItaliaWiFi" is to promote the collaboration between public administrations, in order to enhance the design and creation of free wireless connectivity networks on the territories of the Administration, aimed at the federation of these territorial networks in a single National WiFi infrastructure. For more information, visit the website www.freeitaliawifi.it .

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